A beautiful way to organize and see all of your beauty products!  The GLAMholder is perfect for the minimalist AND the maximalist.

The Minimalist:   Ideal for someone who doesn't have a lot of products, but wants their daily makeup routine to be organized in a beautiful way.  Easy access and easy to see what they are looking for! Someone who loves the look of the larger Makeup GLAMboxes, but doesn't feel they have enough products to fill it up.

The Maximalist:  Ideal for the makeup junkie who has so many products that a Makeup GLAMbox is not enough!  This is for the person who has a ton of makeup brushes, lip liners, eyeliners, etc.  It fits perfectly on top of the Makeup GLAMboxes to save space and keep everything together!

There are three tall sections and a front open section.

The taller sections can hold makeup brushes, makeup pencils, mascaras, eyelash curlers, etc. The front section that is flat that can hold makeup compacts, foundations, eye shadows, blushes, lotions, perfumes and much more. 


9"L x 6"W x 4"H

Material: Acrylic




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