The GLAMboard is an expandable beauty board that solves the problem of little to no counter space for your skincare & makeup routine. This luxury organizer is portable and can easily be used in: Bathrooms (especially those with pedestal sinks), Dorms, Sororities, and Closets.

It is fully adjustable to accommodate your needs, and both sides expand creating more space to work with and store your everyday essentials. We know getting GLAM isn’t easy, and a lot of tools go in to taking that perfect #selfie!

If you don’t see it, you won’t use it so the GLAMboard allows everything to remain at your fingertips and easy to see. No more digging through your makeup bag and forgetting about your favorite lipstick or mascara! If you like things neat and tidy, the GLAMboard is easy to store and put away when you are done applying your makeup.

The two main sections of the GLAMboard can fit almost all shapes of makeup compacts and brushes, and each section is also long enough to store makeup brushes flat if you prefer. 

The GLAMboard is a GAMEchanger and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!


13.5" Length (not expanded)

 22"    Length  (expanded)

 2"      Height

 8.5"   Depth

$ 59.99

$ 39.99